Prayer and Bits

Next week I am having surgery for Otosclerosis. It’s basically a procedure under general anaesthetic where the surgeon will remove some small bones behind the ear drum and replace them with an implant. It aims to restore my hearing in my left ear. As you can imagine it’s not very pleasant. Please pray that all goes well and my hearing is restored.

Please also continue to pray for Thad, Jana and the boys as they move to the UK to enable Thad to start as our Operations Director. Everything is in place apart from a home for them to live in! Once they find that it’s all go. Please pray for the right place for them, particularly thinking of a good locality for a school for the boys.

I’m particularly thankful for your prayers over winter. I’ve not been so affected by the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) this year, and I’m thankful. In part that has been because I’ve been meeting with a friend for coffee almost every week and we’ve been able to share bits of life together.

I’ve been using a phone app called ‘LikeJesus’. This pops up a bible verse and questions twice a day. It’s really helpful in keeping different scripture in the mind. I recommend it. Pray I can continue to apply what I’m reading.


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