Free to serve

15 years ago I moved from being an I.T. professional into the world of full-time ministry and missions. It really felt like God was calling me. It’s important to say up-front that it is entirely possible to be a full-time minister of the Gospel without leaving a job, but for me this was the path God was calling me down.

Agapé staff don’t receive their income in the normal way. We don’t get a salary based on our role, responsibility or position. We are all on the same pay grade. It’s a philosophy of being ‘Free to Serve’ – not living extravagantly, nor living in poverty, but it does always come with a level of sacrifice. Being free to serve in the context God has called us is the principle.

Agapé obviously have a structure and rules around what this means and that is agreed by our Trustees.

 I believe that where God calls He will provide. I have a team of ‘Ministry Partners’ who journey with me in prayer, giving and encouragement. It is my responsibility to discover those God is bringing to partner with me in this role. This year the financial amount I’m discovering is now below the minimum Agapé determine is reasonable for me to be free to serve. And I believe it’s a right judgement.

To understand what that means here are some examples.

If everyone who receives my newsletter was able to give £5.45 extra a month I would be covered.


If I could discover another 25 people who each gave £25 each month I would be covered.


If everyone who already has a regular commitment to giving to me increased by 35% I would be covered. (i.e. £20 became £27, or £30 became £40.50, etc.)

For now I need to make a plan and to start I’m asking people to pray. I can’t entirely explain or understand how it works, but when people pray God answers. Could you pray? Could you let me know you are praying?

Thank you for your time in reading this.


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