On screen

Global NetSuite team

To help us (Agapé UK) be effective in our mission we are at the start of replacing our financial tools and supporter databases. Agapé UK have had our current tools for the last decade, but, although we’ve installed most of the software updates over the years, we’ve found they are not helping us move forward in the current world. At the same time our global movement has experienced the same and we are therefore working together to adopt the same software on a global scale.

I was recently involved in 30 hours of video conferencing meetings reviewing our ‘business requirements’ for the tool we have selected. A lot of people were able to travel to one place but I was unable to travel. The photo shows me on the screen!

The Program Manager for Global Operations projects said, “Your endurance on WebEx was remarkable! Thank you for participating so extensively. Your input was valuable and your participation was a huge encouragement to all of us!”

Next week, for two weeks, I will be in the US to meet with the Global Technology Leaders network for our annual conference, and then staying on to discuss matters relating to Agapé UK.

Please pray for us. I want to be able to give our field staff and team leaders what they need to be effective. I also want to be able to serve our supporters well. Pray for a clear mind and great unity across the regions of the world.


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