Indigitous #HACK

The more I’m involved with technology within Agapé the more opportunities I have to use my skills for Kingdom purposes. Indigitous is a global community, co-founded by our global movement, which engages in ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation.

Once a year there is a global coordination of technology specialists to gather for a weekend to create and make a difference. Last year 1426 people gathered in 28 cities.

I’m going to join with the London gathering. We are partnering with two charities; Christians against Poverty (CAP) and Home for Good. CAP have set the challenge, “How can digital tools engage churches to serve the poor and save the lost in their local communities”. Home for Good have asked how they can better use digital tools to inspire people, support them in their fostering and adoption journey and enable them to be part of a growing movement. There are more detailed assignments so we’re not starting from an entirely blank sheet.

Although these projects are not related to Agapé we highly value partnership and collaboration, so it’s a pleasure to be part of this 48 hour, caffeine fuelled, event.


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