Two becomes Four

We are ending the year on a high.

The technology team I lead at Agapé has grown. Steve and I have been working alone but for the last month we’ve had Chris and Sarah working alongside us. Chris has joined the team full-time from our Agapé Family Life team. Sarah is volunteering with us for a few months. Here’s a photo of the team at work.

We’ve already been able to accomplish so much and I’m very grateful to the team and to God who has supplied more people just as the workload is about to increase lots!


Christmas seems to have arrived early in Birmingham. Over the weekend we’ve had an incredible amount of snow. However, I reckon it will have melted by Wednesday. Here’s a photo of my road.

For Christmas this year I will be staying with my parents and spending time with my family. I’m hopeful to avoid email between Christmas and the New Year! What are your plans this Christmas?


I will drop a longer update in the New Year – I’ve already a number of overseas trips planned for the first quarter – I’ll let you know what they’re about in January.

For now, I just want to say thank you. Another year has passed and you’ve kept on supporting me in my role with Agapé. I just really appreciate your prayers and involvement in different ways. I am thankful.

Do let me know how you’re getting on. I love to hear from you.


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