The Team and how we work.

One of the things I’m really keen to get right is how my team work together.

Our planning board.

I spent some time reflecting on Matthew 5 in preparation for our planning time last week. The Beatitudes are something I’d like our team to keep each other sharp on. Together we have a massive contribution to help Agapé be successful in what God has called us to, and this is how we should be.

Jesus mentions in Matthew 5 that we (believers) are the light of the world. We shouldn’t light our lamp and put it under a bowl. We should put our light on a stand and allow it to give light to everyone in the house. My prayer for my team is that we can shine, light the path for where Agapé need to go – in terms of technology – and that people will see and glorify our Father in Heaven.

Please pray for us as we move forwards.


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