Upcoming projects and trips

I’ve mentioned in previous updates about Agapé UK working more closely with our global movement when it comes to Technology. Unfortunately the trip to the US this past autumn was postponed due to a hurricane.

I am going to the US in January for the purpose of reviewing the functional design of our new financial system. This is to join the project team I’ve already had many video conferencing calls with. Stewarding our resources well is so important. Not all the countries in the world where Agapé are present have the ability and resource to develop these tools themselves. By working together we get to achieve more than we could ever dream of on our own. In some countries where we are not officially present, where we have to keep under the radar, money is literally walked across the boarders.

Then in February my UK team will be attending the Global Technology Leaders event, this year hosted in the US. This is the one that was postponed in the autumn. This is when we get to meet other Technology Leaders around the world. We’ll have fun together, learn together, and grow this community. Each on my team will have specific objectives on this trip. Pray we can get much accomplished in the limited time we’re there.

Then in March I will be heading back to the US. Yes, this is the 3rd trip. There are a number of opportunities I have to share about the vision of Agapé UK. This is with the view to individuals praying for and financially supporting my work. I have some friends who have kindly offered to pay for my flights and others are hosting me. Please pray this trip is fruitful.


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