March update

“Sounds exhausting”. That was the response of my team leader when I was explaining my schedule back in January. 3 trips later, 32 days overseas and 20,000 air miles, I’m back in Birmingham for two weeks. I’m then heading to my hometown for a few days over Easter. It’s just like the buses in the UK – wait ages for one and three come along at the same time.

Setting out for the first trip was quite hard. I was having a hard time emotionally and it took a few friends to coach me into keeping the schedule. The purpose of this first trip to Orlando, Florida, was to be involved in the design of our new financial software tool. In the next 15 months over 150 of our countries are adopting this tool to steward our finances To be involved at the requirements and design stage is a privilege and responsibility.

The trip went well but I was also glad to get home for two weeks – to rest and to be with my close friends again.

Some of the software team at work, Orlando, Florida

During these weeks I had my boiler replaced at home. It was beyond economical repair, so I took the plunge and spent a ton of money. I was grateful some friends were able to contribute towards the cost.

For the next trip to Orlando, Florida, I was able to take two of my team to Agapé’s Global Technology Leaders gathering. All regions of the world were represented, and we heard snippets of experiences in these different locations. I was proud to see my team engaging in different workshops and presenting on issues like internet security and supporting people using technology.

Lunch with Switzerland and France in Orlando, Florida

On the day before we flew home, Steve and I spent a fun day out at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Disney say it’s where dreams come true. I wouldn’t quite go that far, but it was amazing, and I loved every minute of that!

Steve and I on one of the Disney rides, Orlando, Florida

I was only home for three days before heading out again to Texas. Coming up was an 18-day trip, travelling with my team leader, Thad, to meet people from his home church. This trip was with a view to see who might be able to support me in prayer and financially in my role. On reflection the trip went really quickly. There were periods when it was slow, but we did meet people for breakfasts, coffees, lunches and dinners. Throw in a trip to the cinema, the botanical gardens and many miles driving to different places, and the trip was complete.

Left to Right, Me, Thad, Phil and Susie (Thad’s parents)
Botanical gardens, Fort Worth, Texas

I have a love and dislike of travelling. I love the opportunity to be away and to be part of what God is doing in the Agapé ministry around the world. I also love the familiarity of my home city and the contact I have with my close friends.


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