More privacy updates?!

Question: What do the EU data privacy laws have in common with telling people about Jesus?
Answer: They both demand a high degree of integrity of how we look out for people.

The last few weeks I’ve been keeping my head down a bit. Just like all organisations and charities in the UK we have been preparing for new laws which come into force later this month. These laws impact how we communicate with people, particularly in terms of postal mailings, bulk emails and fundraising.

Last week, in coordination with our Communication team, we updated our website and asked hundreds of people to update their communication preferences with us. In one sense, it’s just six new tick boxes on our website. In another sense, if I could open to you the complexity of the data and management behind the change it’s a whole other world.

We’re committed to a high level of integrity in how we steward the information we hold on people and we hope the changes we have made both comply with the spirit and word of the law.

It’s another proud moment for me. It’s another project completed successfully. The office-based staff of Agapé are unsung heroes of the movement. The professionalism, skill, high-capacity brains and patience of these people is amazing.


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