The one where Pete announces he is moving on from Agapé.

16 years ago God clearly called me to leave my current employment and to take some time to seek where He was taking me. That led me to Agapé. After 7 years in student work and 8 years in an operational and IT role, after much thought, I feel now is the time to continue that journey.

I will be leaving the staff of Agapé later this summer.

I am not sure what is next so please pray for this time of transition. Pray that God will guide me to the next place. At this time I do feel it will be out of full-time Christian ministry and heading back into the marketplace.

I leave Agapé feeling incredibly grateful for the impact these years have had on my life. I’m overwhelmed at how much I have grown and all the friends I have made along the way. I am also soooo thankful for the support, in prayer and financially, of friends who have partnered with me along the way. I would not have lasted so long if it wasn’t for you—thank you!

Your support.

My work with Agapé has only been possible because of the generous giving of my ministry partners.

I will continue working with Agapé until the end of the summer. If you have a standing order setup to Agapé for my support, please don’t cancel it just yet!

When I finish working with Agapé, if you have been financially supporting me, please consider continuing your giving to Agapé by supporting my colleague, Steve Abbots. I’ve worked with Steve for the last few years as part of the I.T. team. Steve makes an incredible contribution to the work of Agapé through his daily involvement in the day to day running of the I.T. functions. You can subscribe to Steve’s email updates by clicking here and entering your details.

If you’d like to continue your giving to Agapé to support Steve, please let me know. You can just continue your standing order as normal. If you prefer to stop your giving to Agapé you can do this by cancelling your standing order with your bank. Please don’t do this until I’ve left Agapé! I will be in touch! Do let me know if you have any questions, and thank you again for supporting me so faithfully!



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