The last month…

Last week I was in Switzerland for the Agapé Europe family gathering. We have this gathering event every six years. Last time it was in Estonia and this time we got to experience a new country. The week had the usual passionate worship, excellent speakers and the leadership set out and clarified the calling and direction of Agapé across western Europe. Aside from the excessive and inescapable heat, the week was fun and really encouraging. It was good to chat with friends and colleagues from different countries too.

For me though, it wasn’t a case of launching ahead to the next season with Agapé, but a calling to the next season in the workplace. I may be leaving Agapé at the end of this month but I still feel called to making Jesus known wherever I may end up working.

On that topic, although I’ve applied for over 60 jobs, had several interviews and numerous conversations with recruitment consultants, I still don’t have a job to go to after this month. It’s a reminder for me about us all living by faith and not by sight. Please keep praying for me and for provision beyond the end of this month.

Your Financial Giving

My work with Agapé has only been possible because of the generous giving of people like yourself. There’s nothing I can really say that would express adequately how much I appreciate you all, but this thank you comes from the bottom of my heart.

I leave Agapé at the end of August.

If you have a standing order setup to Agapé for my support, please go ahead and cancel this standing order with your bank AFTER the August donation has been made. Agapé cannot cancel this for you.

Agapé’s mission and vision obviously still continues after I have left. They’re committed to making Jesus known and have some of the most incredible people involved. You may still wish to continue supporting Agapé’s work financially. Please consider continuing your giving to Agapé by supporting my colleague and friend, Steve Abbots. I’ve worked with Steve for the last few years. Steve continues to make an incredible contribution through his daily involvement in the day to day running of the I.T. functions. If you want to do this, just let me know and I’ll arrange an introduction to him.


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