I grew up in the South East of England. Having left school at the age of 18, I found myself working at the local college supporting their I.T. systems. Opportunity called and over the next seven years I went from company to company working across a range of sectors; insurance, ship management, education, and for a while self-employed.

For a while I had the sense that God was calling me into something different. I didn’t know what that would be, but the imagination stirred in how God could possibly use me in seeing many people come to know Him.

I knew someone who worked with Agapé, a worldwide mission agency with staff in over 190 countries. Through helping on a youth week I discovered an opportunity working with their student ministry. From the moment I chatted with a student on a university campus in Birmingham I knew that this is what God was calling me into.

I joined Agapé staff in 2002 and spent my first five years working the universities in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. I moved to London for two years to co-lead a team focused at Imperial College London and the London School of Economics. It was hard work, but there was a great sense of satisfaction to see people come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and to see students multiply their lives to see others do the same.

After seven years the constant initiative taking made it hard to continue. However, like every company and charity, there is a team of people serving in areas of finance, administration, communications, HR and technology. They’re a vital part to keeping the movement moving. I moved back to Birmingham and started working alongside the Operations Director.

Today I’m heading up the I.T. side of things and leading in the management of our Operational functions.

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